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12 Jan 2010 Ghana PHP User Group (GPUG) Admin

This is a group for all PHP Programmers in Ghana. If you're an avid php user or expert and would like to make contributions and help others to get to know php, then you have to join this group.

We aim to make this the definitive and comprehensive Ghanaian programming group on the net. Help make this a success. We look forward to your membership.

Register Here:
Register as a member of GPUG

Be Safe!

  • Always meet in person
  • Don't pay for anything in advance
  • Don't send or transfer money to anyone

Beware of:

  • Dodgy Prices
  • Extra Charges
  • Advance Fee Payment
  • Possible Identity Theft

Caution - No Spam!

Entries that do not meet our quality guidelines will be automatically deleted without notice. Please endeavor to post only quality content. Do not post anything illegal, scam, spam, or of questionable nature. Doing so will probably result in your account being deleted or disabled as well.

In addition please make sure you are posting in the right section, entries in the wrong section will also be deleted.

Date Reply Username
12 Jan 2010 :: Active Link ::
05 Jun 2010 I need a job...I have knowledge in PHP,CSS, AJAX, HTML,Joomla lilmopat
05 Jun 2010 U can call me on 233248291829 or email me lilmopat@gmail.com lilmopat
17 Jun 2010 Hi I am a new to PHP and I will like to know if there is someone out there who will like to join forces and let come out with a project.
17 Jun 2010 My email is herbsi@yahoo.com and anyone interesting should please contact .
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