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27 Aug 2017
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Garden Natural Health

·         My name is Wale . a Natural Therapist ,Experience they say is the best Teacher , 12 Years ago I lost my first wife to Bacteria Meningitis ,She became sick with Symptoms like Fever and chills.

·         Mental status changes.

·         Nausea and vomiting.

·         Sensitivity to light (photophobia)

·         Severe headache.

·         Stiff neck.

I took her to the Hospital ,Some Test were Carried out and she was disgnosed with Heavy Growth Of Staphylocuucs ,Various Antibiotics which the Bacteria was sensitive to was administered on her but there was no Immprovement rather it became worse ,Another supposed stronger Antibiotics was later administered yet no Relieve was forth coming ,She died at last due to Complications of the Infection after her burial the following year I started having symptoms like


Serious Body Itching ,

Chronic Headache


Stiff Neck,

Weakness from My inside

,Lack Of Energy .

Painful rashes on my skin

·         Confusion

·         Muscle aches

·         Diarrhea

·         Abdominal pain

·         Joint swelling

·         Severe pain in my joint

Fears and Anxiety Takes over my Heart ,I already had a serious Phychological Problem due to the death of my lost wife ,the picture of trauma,Pains,Agony she went through was still evergreen in my mind,the thought of Death takes over my heart .I Visited Various Specialist  Hospitals ,I was diagnose with same infection (Heavy Growth Of Staphylococcus Aureus)In  nutshell Most Treatsment ,Antibiotics Administered on me never worked ,the bacteria resisted all ,I hated anything herbal but reluctantly i decided to try Alternative ,Herbs which was not helping also.I was dying and had a close shave with death ,I feel as if my skull was pulling off ,The headache was just too much ,I had shock syndrome ,Heart Issue ,Pneumonia and serious Pains in my bones and Joint,I lost all hope,Later my mother introduced me to her uncle who is into Natural Treatsment ,he gave me a natural Composition which finally put an end to my dying health Problem , I became totally cured ,All the symptoms were no More, It was Amazing .Considering the number of people suffering Staphylococcus aureus symtoms in the world today I decided to abandon my work to make a more deeper research on the Natural therapy that was used to treat me ,which went on for 5 Years.i came up with a more effective Natural therapy which many people have benefitted from and Testimonies ,Good feedbacks given.If you are Suffering and truly fed-up looking for a working solution to Staphylococcus aureus/Infertility .Visit My website to read more. http://www.gardennaturalshealth.com/  My contact is Dr.Wale  08100459321. greenwaynatureservices@gmail.com You too can be Freed.




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