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26 Jan 2019 Starting A Profitable Poultry Farm In Ghana - Thoughts, Ideas, Experiences And Resources The Big Book Project

Greeting GWS Forum users,


I am writing to share information and resources related to establishing a successful poultry farm in Ghana. Raisining chicken for meat and eggs is an aspiration for many but even when capital, loan or funding is in hand - starting the journer can seem daunting. Imports and feed prices can also weather even the most enthusiastic of farmers and it can seem hard to see the way forward to grow. 


We are agricultural business consultants and technologists who work to provide information and solutions for the thorough planning of a profitable poultry farm. We have found that proper robust business modelling can help poultry farmers weather even the most adverse marketplaces.

We have at our site a range of articles designed to assist in helping you get your poultry farm off to a roaring start as well as an online form based bankable business plan to put your numbers in order for banks, subsidies or private investors.



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26 Jan 2019

I want get into the business but don't know how to begin. I will check your website and see what I can learn.

Thank you.

07 Apr 2019

This is a very informative information, thank you.

07 Apr 2019

While researching on the poultry information posted above, I can across [url=]Poultry Farming step by step guide[/url]; this maybe useful to thos looking to star poultry farming.

31 Jul 2020

I am an agricultural student can l be of help contact me on 0557207513 or wharsapp

Addy Nharnah kwadwo
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