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27 Jan 2019 Verifying Woman Staying At Abisarp Hotel In Kumasi Rolfie

Still struggling with my father trying to prove the woman he's sending money to is a fraud.

Supposely she - her name is Adiza Awudu - is staying at the Abisarp Hotel in Kumasi (which my dad is sending her money to pay for).

She sent a receipt, which has the name of the hotel at the top, but the address has obviously been obscured using Paint, although the phone number is correct.

Can anyone in Ghana PLEASE call 543-656-578 and ask if a woman named Adiza Awuzu is staying there? And post a response here if she is or not?

If she is, ask how long she is staying. (The receipt was for two weeks, paid from Jan 21 to Feb 3. I'm wondering if she might have paid for two weeks, then cancelled after a day to get the money back, just so she could send a receipt to my dad for $461.)

I'm surprised that the correct phone number was left on the receipt, when they obscured the hotel's address, but I'm sure this is a fraud...!

Any help very much appreciated!


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27 Jan 2019

By the way, if anyone can tell me how to add a photo to this post, I'd be happy to upload the jpg of the receipt!

12 Sep 2020 send me an email at [email protected] Leekahb007
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