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NSS Personnel Cry Out Over Electronic Checking System


The National Service Scheme has for the very first time introduced a nuisance electronic code for checking postings of new National Service Personnel at a fee which according to the fresh applicants is a crude way of extorting money from poor students.


Applying Personnel had always accessed their posting details through the NSS on-line portal until the introduction of this new system where personnel have to go through an SMS text code at a cost of Gh¢2.00.


Expressing their anger and frustration at the scheme to this reporter, some of these persons indicated forcefully that "this is unacceptable, cruel and a complete rip-off by the NSS under a 'supposed to be' liberal government."


They said, previously it was much easier when their predecessors checked their postings on-line because Internet is easily accessible and less costly especially at this day and age when almost everybody uses android phone and can check anytime at the palm of their hands without delay.


Again they noted saying; "the most annoying aspect of it all is that because everybody is texting to one source, the system is almost always jammed and inaccessible… it can be very frustrating when one is anxious to see his posting and the text code process remains jammed". 


"We are comfortable with the old system, there was no problem with it and even with that you could also print the details of your posting outright.


They therefore suspect  this to be a clearly a miscalculated extortion attempt by the NSS which does not augur well for us the poor personnel who just wants to serve our nation and for that matter we are pleading with government to do something about it presto," they added.


Published by GWS Online GH : 2017-07-15

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