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37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College (37 NTC)

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Military Hospital Nurses Training College (37 NTC)
The 37 Nurses Training College (NTC) trains soldiers and civilians. The role of the department is to train nursing staff for the Ghana Armed Forces Medical Services. Divisions under the department are Nurse Anesthetist School, Health Assistants (Clinical) Training School, Registered General Nursing and Registered Midwifery Training School. The teaching staff are both military and civilians with full-time and part-time schedules. Non-Teaching Staff are both Military and Civilian. Currently, civilian students pay subsidized fees.

Faculty (Teachers) are Specialists in various health and medical related fields General Medical/Surgical; Public Health Nursing; Obstetric Nursing (Midwifery); Dietetic & Nutrition; Psychology, Sociology and Biological Sciences; Health Services Management and Educational Administration.
The minimum qualification required for lecturing is a Masters Degree in a relevant field and a qualification in education. The College has a vibrant Students Representative Council (SRC) with a dynamic staff who work hard to improve the institution as a place of learning for students.
Services provided include teaching, counseling and career guidance, provision of examiners and invigilators for state examinations conducted by the Nurses and Midwives Council of Ghana. Facilitation at Workshops / Seminars, Facility for Off-Campus Teaching Practice by graduate and undergraduate university students, supervision of students clinical practice and research. Facilities at the school are demonstration/skills training lab, library and computer laboratory with broadband Internet.

37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College Admission
Admission into 37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College most takes place in the first quarter of each year.The process involved in the admission are as follows;
An admission form is purchased from the school
The form is filled and submitted.

The submitted form is reviewed
Applicant will then be called for interview
Applicant will be admitted on successful admission

Admission requirement for 37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College

You need at least c6 in 3 core subject and 3 elective subject to apply for diploma programs
You will need at least e8 in 6 subjects to apply for certificate program.

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