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Vodafone Ghana Data Bundle Prices

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Information on Vodafone Ghana Data Bundle Prices. Other topics of interest include: Expresso Ghana Internet Data Bundle ShortCodes, Airtel Ghana Shortcode To Borrow Data Credit, Tigo Ghana Shortcode To Borrow Data Credit, Vodafone Ghana Shortcode To Borrow Data Credit, Vodafone Ghana Services Shortcode. Use the search box above to search for more.


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How do I subscribe to a data bundle?
Kindly dial *700# to select any bundle of your choice (prepaid customers).*7979#*128# (Hybrid customers)
How do I Subscribe to a blackberry data service?

Kindly dial *500# or *700# to select a blackberry service of your choice.

How do I bundle for someone?

Dial *700*4# dial *700# and choose option 4
What prepaid mobile data packages are available?

Browser/ streamer /downloader/ dial *700# for more details

How do stop bundle auto renewal?

Kindly dial *700*3#.

Mobile Data Packages
Package NameVolume (MB)/GBValidity PeriodPriceActivation Codes
Streamer Weekly100MB1 Week3 GH₵*125*4#
Browser Mini200MB1 Month5 GH₵*700#
Streamer Lite750MB1 Month15 GH₵*125*5#
Browser2.5GB1 Month30 GH₵*125*8#
Streamer3.5GB1 Month45 GH₵*125*6#
Downloader6GB2 Months80 GH₵*125*7#
Browser Lite400MB1 Month10 GH₵*125*10#
MiniPack Starter1MB24hrs0.05GH₵*700#
MiniPack Standard5MB24hrs0.2GH₵*700#
MiniPack Swift10MB24hrs0.40GH₵*125*9#
Browser Daily30MB1 Day1 GH₵*125*9#
Daily100MB1 Day2 GH*700#
Weekly20MB7 Days1 GH₵*700#
Weekly1GB15 Days15 GH₵*700#
Monthly1.5GB30 Days20 GH*700#
Monthly5GB30 Days60 GH*700#
Monthly10 GB120 Days120 GH*700#

Blackberry data Service
Package NamePriceVolume MBValidity Period
BB social Daily0.49151
BB complete Daily0.99251
BB social Weekly2.99607
BB Prosumer Weekly3.99107
BB complete Weekly3.99807
BB social Monthly11.9920030
BB Prosumer Monthly16.995030
BB complete Monthly16.9935030

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