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Veera Full Story In English (Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera)

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Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera revolves around Rannvijay (Ranvi) and his half-sister, Veera. Their father, Sampooran Singh, is the sarpanch of the village of Pritampura and lives there with his wife Ratan, their son Rannvijay and Sampooran's aunt, Chai Ji. Ratan learns that Sampooran has a daughter with another woman, Amrita. Ashamed and guilty for cheating on his beloved wife, Sampooran sadly leaves. Amrita also leaves after Ratan insults her, leaving her infant daughter on Ratan's doorstep. Rannvijay accepts and cares for the baby, naming her Veera. Although he accepts Veera as his sister, the heartbroken Ratan despises her.

Four years later Ranvi is a rival of Baldev, the new Sarpanch's son, who has a sister named Gunjan. Although Ratan has not warmed up to Veera, Ranvijay deeply loves his sister and is concerned about her education. Years pass; Veera goes to Delhi to pursue her education, and Ranvi works for the village and towards his dream of becoming a singer.

Veera returns home after her studies and fights with Baldev, as they did as children; Ratan still rejects her. Veera slowly falls in love with her friend, Karan, and Ranvi is in love with Gunjan; however, Gunjan accepts a proposal from another man and Ranvi hides his heartbreak. Veera and Ranvi learn that the other man abused his first wife. When they stop the wedding Gunjan is devastated, and Ranvi tries to cheer her. Electricity problems arise, and the villagers agree to Karan's plan to install a solar panel. Veera is heartbroken to learn that Karan is cheating the village, but Ranvi comforts her. Gunjan learns about Veera's parentage, and tells her and Ranvi. Veera cries, and Baldev consoles her. With her house up for auction, she tells Chai Ji about her plan to open a school on the fields of Ranvi and Sampooran's dream.

Gunjan is trapped by a film director; although Ranvi saves her, her father Balwant has a heart attack. Balwant asks Ranvi to marry her. After many attempts, Veera and Baldev unite Ranvi and Gunjan. Veera learns about Ranvi's singing talent, and encourages him to sing for an album. She and Baldev go to Poland to learn new agricultural techniques from Mr. Neal. They learn that Mr. Neal is Nihaal Singh, Veera's paternal uncle. After returning to India, Veera realises that she loves Baldev. They decide to bring Nihaal to India and persuade Ranvi and Ratan to accept him. Ranvi participates in a music competition; at the final in Mumbai, he is kidnapped by another finalist and rescued by Baldev. Ranvi wins the competition but is unaware that Gunjan, happy with life in Mumbai, does not want to return to Pritampura. After he returns, he learns about Veera and Baldev's relationship; furious, he refuses to consent to their marriage.

Baldev and Veera try to change Ranvi's mind. Ranvi is trapped in an alcohol case by Rajveer, a corrupt police inspector who loves Veera and enlists Baldev. After Veera slaps Baldev for sending her brother to prison, she learns he is innocent and apologises. He ends their relationship and agrees to marry Simran, a cheat who lives in Baldev's house with her mother. Veera learns about Simran's boyfriend and disrupts the wedding by introducing him. Veera and Baldev reconcile and Rajveer, jealous, has him beaten. Veera and Baldev's friends, Jaggi and Billa, rescue him from Rajveer's goons. They bring Baldev to the hospital and he recovers, asking Veera to take him to Ranvi. Baldev promises Ranvi that he will care for Veera, and asks him for Veera's hand in marriage; Rannvijay agrees, and gives Veera to Baldev. To get Veera at any cost, Rajveer kidnaps Nihal and later kills him. The entire blame goes to Baldev and on the marriage day, he gets arrested. Later Veera gets to know that Baldev is innocent and exposes Rajveer in front of Ranveer. Veera and Baldev later get married finally.

Later, comes in Manjeet - Baldev's aunt who hates Veera. Along with the help of Bansuri, the both make evil plans to get Veera away from Baldev. Later comes in Geet and her daughter Deepu enter. Manjeet doesn't allow Geet to go out of the house but Veera helps her to get out of this trouble. A rift happens between Gunjun and Ranveer. Later Dilawar and Manjeet plan to harm the residence of Pritampura which Ratan comes to know. Later Ratan dies in a bomb explosion leaving everyone heartbroken Family agree to marry off Geet with Dilawar but when they get home his reality comes out and tries to hit Deepu and Geet but Ranveer comes to her rescue. Manjeet and Dilawar get arrested and the show ends on a happy note with both brother-sister put rakhi on each other.

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