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Tuesday Lotto Banker

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Information on Tuesday Lotto Banker. Other topics of interest include: Bonanza Lotto Banker, Monday Special Lotto Banker, Ghana Lotto Monday Special Banker For Today, Lucky Tuesday Lotto Forecast, Lucky Tuesday Winning Numbers.

Daily NLA lotto results for Monday Special Lotto Results NLA, Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA, Midweek Lotto Results NLA, Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA, Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA, National Weekly Lotto Results NLA, Sunday Special Lotto Results NLA, Ghana VAG Lotto Results NLA, and Ghana Super 6 Lotto Results NLA.



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#1 Original Ghana Lotto Chart 2019

Past Ghana Winning Lotto Results NLA Database History, Numbers for Yesterday, Week, Month, and Year

Past Ghana Lotto Predictions NLA Database History for Yesterday, Week, Month, and Year

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Ghana Lotto Results NLA Predictions For Monday Special: Monday 09 December 2019

Monday Special NLA Results Prediction - Ghana Lotto Results Today - National Lottery

Prediction #1: ((38))-((62))-2-46-89

Prediction #2: ((70))-((9))-65-22-77

Prediction #3: 47-76-74-56-15

Machine #1: 18-73-((24))-((20))-71

Machine #2: ((57))-85-((10))-44-43

Machine #3: 84-90-((52))-40-((29))

NLA Lucky Live Banker 2Sure Numbers For Today 09 Dec 2019


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💡Tip #1: The numbers in ((brackets)) are most likely to play according to the system, and this is what some refer to as sure numbers. Each set has its own sure numbers.
The three predictions and machines give you three choices to choose from, so decide which of the three WINNINGS to choose and which of the three MACHINES to choose or whether to mix them for the day's game.
You can also decide to use only the sure numbers or build numbers using our free tools, either way it's up to you to study the system well and know what works best.

Lotto Chart || Personal Numbers with 2Sure Calculator || Yesterday's Lotto Prediction

💡Tip #2: Use our Winning Records to help you select the best Prediction System and the best Machine System.

💡Tip #3: We update our Winning Records from time to time, but there are far more Winning Records than what is shown on that page, so you will have to check and compare Past NLA Lotto Predictions with Past NLA Lotto Winning Results to help you select the best Prediction System and Machine System.

💡Tip #4: Sometimes Prediction System will play for Machine System and vice versa.

Note: We only recently started documenting our winnings and already our database is filling up, however we may have missed others in the past so check the history pages.

NLA Prediction Success (12-Aug-2017)NLA Banker Success (19-Dec-2018)
NLA Prediction Success (24-Dec-2018)NLA Prediction/Banker Success (31-Dec-2018)
NLA Prediction Success (02-Jan-2019)More Past NLA Winning Predictions Success History

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Latest Ghana Lotto Results NLA Draw For Today

Monday Special Lotto Result Dec 9, 2019
Event #717

WIN: 54-67-9-47-21
MAC: 8-44-37-38-68

Top 10 Most Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Winning Hot Numbers 2019


Top 10 Least Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Winning Cold Numbers 2019


 Top Winning Hot NumbersLast Appearance Dates
 6709/12/19 | 30/11/19
 6326/11/19 | 18/11/19
 2904/12/19 | 02/12/19
 1205/12/19 | 29/11/19
 6021/11/19 | 12/11/19
 5529/10/19 | 10/10/19
 1727/11/19 | 13/11/19
 2603/12/19 | 22/11/19
 1909/11/19 | 21/10/19
 4902/12/19 | 19/11/19

Top 10 Most Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Machine Hot Numbers 2019


Top 10 Least Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Machine Cold Numbers 2019


 Top Machine Hot NumbersLast Appearance Dates
 4409/12/19 | 03/12/19
 3502/11/19 | 30/10/19
 5508/11/19 | 05/11/19
 7023/11/19 | 14/11/19
 8319/11/19 | 18/11/19
 107/12/19 | 04/12/19
 7705/12/19 | 10/11/19
 809/12/19 | 07/12/19
 3809/12/19 | 22/11/19
 1130/11/19 | 05/11/19

Fortnight Ghana Lotto Results NLA

Date & Lotto GameWinning NumbersMachine Numbers
09/12/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA54-67-9-47-218-44-37-38-68
07/12/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA84-69-1-62-825-88-50-68-12
05/12/19 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA84-12-90-6-6962-73-23-77-33
04/12/19 Mid Week Lotto Results NLA29-33-21-24-1039-61-9-76-32
03/12/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA9-26-11-71-5419-15-60-44-66
02/12/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA5-29-1-49-5284-45-42-73-31
30/11/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA25-57-79-67-511-47-51-41-1
29/11/19 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA78-25-20-90-1234-37-56-31-52
28/11/19 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA18-31-50-67-723-17-86-80-43
27/11/19 Mid Week Lotto Results NLA58-72-17-36-1682-64-56-10-8
26/11/19 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA36-39-29-63-857-16-3-84-41
25/11/19 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA57-83-35-62-325-4-48-9-17
24/11/19 Sunday Special Lotto Results NLA16-79-81-32-6757-86-10-40-88
23/11/19 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA10-61-53-34-857-70-25-50-63
22/11/19 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA24-26-87-9-1138-74-78-57-1

More Lotto Results - Past Ghana Lotto NLA Results for Yesterday, Week, Month, and Year with Statistics

NLA Results Hot And Cold Ghana Lotto Numbers

Monday Special Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, Lucky Tuesday Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, Midweek Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, Fortune Thursday Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, Friday Bonanza Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, National Weekly Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, Sunday Special Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, Ghana VAG Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers, and Ghana Super 6 Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

Did You Win The Lottery?

Wins can be claimed instantly within 14 days from the day of the draw.
Visit the following banks to claim your prize: UMB, BANK OF AFRICA, GCB BANK, NIB, HFC, ACCESS BANK, ZENITH, UNIBANK, and ADB.

5/90 Game Details

Players select at least one out of ninety balls numbered 1-90. A draw is held at the end of each day except Sundays to randomly select 5 out of the 90 balls. If the numbers on the 5 selected balls match any of the numbers selected by the player at the time of play then he is a winner. The daily draw games are Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Midweek, Fortune Thursday, Friday Bonanza and National Weekly on Saturdays. Variations of the games to play each day are below:

  • Direct 1: The first number drawn is called the 1st Winning Number. (e.g. If a Player selects number 37, he is a winner if 37 is the first number drawn)
  • Direct 2: Any two numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. (e.g. If a player selects 49 and 7, he is a winner if 49 and 7 are among the 5 numbers drawn)
  • Direct 3: Any three numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. (e.g. If a player selects 11, 44 and 86, he is a winner if 11, 44 and 86 are among the 5 numbers drawn)
  • Direct 4: Any 4 numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. (e.g. If a player selects 27, 38, 87 and 55, he is a winner if these numbers are among the 5 numbers drawn.)
  • Direct 5: All 5 numbers chosen must be winning numbers. (e.g. If a player selects any 5 numbers from 1 to 90, and all 5 numbers are drawn, then he is winner.
  • Perm 2: This is basically selecting more than 2 Numbers and combining them in sets of 2. If a player selects numbers 11-22-33, Perm 2 will give combinations of (i) 11-22, (ii) 11-33 and (iii) 22-33. Here, the winning pattern is same as direct-2.
  • Perm 3: This is basically selecting more than 3 Numbers and combining them in sets of 3. If a player selects numbers 11-22-33-44, Perm 3 will give combinations of (i) 11-22-33, (ii) 11-22-44, (iii) 11-33-44 (iv) 22-33-44. Here, the winning pattern is same as direct-3.
  • Banker 1 against all numbers: This is selecting one number and pairing it with the rest of 89 numbers. (e.g. if player selects 70 against all, this means 70 is his banker.) This banker must be one of the 5 winning numbers.

Note: Results are published immediately after they are released. We are not associated with NLA or its affiliates in any way. We provide lottorie data and stats for research & information services purposes only and strictly do not encourage playing. Users of this page must be 18+

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