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Latest News On NSS Allowance 2020

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>> Latest News On NSS Allowance 2020 <<

>> Latest News On NSS Allowance 2020 <<

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The National Service Scheme ongoing enrollment by prospective National Service Personnel to undertake their service obligations for the 2020/2021 National Service Year.

It is only when prospective National Service Personnel enroll in a timely manner, that the Management of the Scheme will be able to ensure that deployed and placement information of personnel are released early to achieve the objectives of the Scheme's new posting calendar.

The statement therefore urges all prospective National Service Personnel who are yet to enroll to do so immediately to avoid being locked out of the national service program this year.

Estimated deadline for first batch registration is around early May.

Estimated deadline for second batch registration is around August ending.

For more info contact
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +233-302-772714


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Service personnel are paid monthly allowances. The amount paid is determined by the Ministry of Finance. The allowance that is approved is what the ministry would pay the personnel throughout the service year. Payment is calculated from the date the service personnel reports for duty at his/her designated post. Personnel posted to statutory boards, corporations and churches or quasi-church organizations are paid by those establishments and not the secretariat.

 PAYMENT PROCESS = 20%                             
 PAYMENT PROCESS = 60%       
 PAYMENT PROCESS = 80%    Monthly assessment forms are at NSS Head Office Internal Audit Unit for for final vetting process 
 PAYMENT PROCESS = 100%    Allowances sent to GHIPSS to be loaded on ezwich cards 

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