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Salary Of A Diploma Nurse In Ghana 2024

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Certificate holders = GHS 700 and above

Diploma = GHS 900 and above

Degree holders = GHS 1600/2000 and above

A nurse in Ghana

Ghana's government has scrapped a controversial ban on newly qualified nurses traveling to find more lucrative employment abroad.

The government says it has enough nurses and it is no longer useful to keep them under bond.

The policy reversal is unlikely to lead to an immediate exodus of nurses because although the bond scheme stopped taking new entrants in 2014, it takes four years to qualify as a nurse and those already in the scheme will have to finish their five-year service.

If a nurse wants to jump the bond there is penalty of $650 (£422) to pay for each uncompleted year, something very few can afford to do.

And the authorities will not issue certificates that will enable them to work abroad unless the fine is paid.

Ghana nurses in numbers:

Professional nurses: 20,400
Salary: $400 a month
Nurses who left in 2004: 700
Nurses who left in 2013: 107
Nurses who left in 2014: 192

Sources: Ministry of Health; BBC

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