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Is There A Pattern To The Lottery?

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In order to win the lottery you need a formula. Fortunately the same formula applies to most lotteries. We make use of the binomial theorem as follows: take the factorial of n over the factorial of k times the factorial of n minus k, where n is the "total number of possible numbers" and k is "the number of selections chosen". Alternatively we can get the probability of each possible pattern and multiply the probability with the number of possible draws to get the possible frequency of occurrence for each draw.

Selecting Lotto Numbers
Lottery draws are randomly drawn and therefore numbers are bound to form patterns that to some extent are predictable. By learning to apply mathematical formulas to these patterns (such as the probability theory, and the binomial theorem) you are very likely to increase your chances of winning. Bear in mind that in terms of Math, numbers have a chance of being drawn again and again. So numbers repeating in draws is natural.

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