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Licensed Car Rental Companies In Ghana 2023

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Information on Licensed Car Rental Companies In Ghana. Other topics of interest include: Emperor Car Rentals, Equilease Car Rentals, Fapapa Car Rentals & Tours Ltd, Play Car Games, Car Games. Use the search box above to search for more.

Abacar Ltd.,
Abeka Lapaz Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-249-574691

Accra-Tema Intercity Cab Association,
Accra-Tema Station Email:
Phone: +233-244-773036

Achimota-Lapaz Hiring Association,
Lapaz Motor Extention Email:
Phone: +233-302-413162 244-773036

AFGO Intercity Car Hire Assoc.,
Aviance (Airport) Email:
Phone: +233-276-317118

Aflao Car Hire Agency,
Aflao Email:
Phone: +233-962-31812 Fax:962-31812/ 31737

Aflao Express Branch No. 2 (Paul Bluvi),
Aflao Email:

Phone: +233-962-30249

Botha Trans Invesment Car Rental,
Mataheko Email:
Phone: +233-244-222470

Budget Car Rentals,
Republic House Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-668800/ 20-8118620

Buffet Transpot Services Ltd.,
Osu Email:
Phone: +233-302-782617 244-271381

Chill-Out Car Rentals,
Comm. 9 Tema Email:
Phone: +233-22-300939

Connect World Car Rentals,
Asylum Down Email: [email protected].gh
Phone: +233-302-7010909/ 244477 Fax:302-239684

Dodi Car Rental,
Asokwa (Hotel De Texas) Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-51-20421 Fax: 51-29271

Dymor Car Rentals,
Trade Fair La Email:
Phone: +233-302-786236 Fax:302-786235

Elite Car Rental Services,
Tema Comm. 14 (Adj. Total) Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-772359/ 760540 Fax:302-772359

Elubo Car Rentals Association,
Main Station Email:
Phone: +233-244-480892

Emperor Car Rentals,
Labone-Emperor Suite Email:
Phone: +233-244-528059

Equilease Car Rentals,
Osu (near former American Emb.) Email:
Phone: +233-302-222375

Fapapa Car Rentals,
Dzorwulu Email:
Phone: +233-243-350033

First Choice Car Rentals,
Tesano, Accra Email:
Phone: +233 20-8990401/Fax: +233 302- 225565

First Star Car Rentals,
Cantonments Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-768318/ 20-8118958 Fax: 302-768318

Fishing Habour Car Hire Assoc.,
Fishing Habour Tema Email:
Phone: +233-20-8174133

Franard Car Rentals,
Adenta (Opp. EP Church) Email:
Phone: +233-244-097848/ 28-9116529

Geomens Car Rental,
Aboom Wells Road Email:
Phone: +233-42-31187

Geraldo Car Rentals,
Ayensu River State Email:
Phone: +233-242-874208

Godwilford Car Rentals,
Osu Email:
Phone: +233-302-777649

Goldsman Car Rental,
Ringway Estate Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-28-9108896

Greenwich Car Rental Services,
East Legon Email:
Phone: +233-302-404431/ 408646 20-8180420

Handiman Car Rentals,
37 Goil Filling Station Email:
Phone: +233-302-783442/ 776557

Helgard Car Rentals,
Osu Kukuhill 5th Lane Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-760585/6 Fax:302-760585

Hertz Int. Car Rentals,
Maamobi Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-230773/ 220570 244-168283 Fax:-302-775009

Hi Choice Car Rentals,
East Legon American Hse. Email:
Phone: +233-302-519919 242-686026 Fax: 302-519920

Honesty Car Hiring Assoc.,
Adabraka Email: N/A
Phone: +233-244-653293

Honesty Car Hiring Association,
Adabraka Email:
Phone: +233-244-653293

Interblue Chip Car Rental,
Dzorwulu (Queen Star Building) Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-767417 Fax:302-782659

Janaam Car Rentals,
La-Palm Junction Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-765260 Fax: 772770

Jewalk Car Rentals,
Marble House, South ind. Area Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-220924 20-8211727

Jimna J Car Rentals,
Teshie-Nungua A-Life Junction Email:
Phone: +233-302-718311

Jobesh Car Rentals,
Ringway Estate Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-782683 Fax:763571

Justlink Car Rental,
Asafo Dadiesoaba Email:
Phone: +233-51-34800 20-8116472

Kal Car Rentals,
East Legon Miklin Hotel Email: N/A
Phone: +233-277-574440/ 20-8114142

Let Drive ,
Adabraka Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-251078/9 Fax: 302-251078

Logic Car Rental,
Osu Email: C[email protected]
Phone: +233-302-766741 Fax:302-768157

Luxury Car Rentals,
Dzorwulu Email:
Phone: +233-302-785835 20-8169135 Fax:302-785835

Marriot Car Rentals,
Aviation Hse. Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-784110/ 244-368754 Fax:302- 784110

Masere Car Rentals ,
Dzorwulu Email:
Phone: +233-244-027904

Melian Car Rentals,
West Legon (off GIMPA Rd) Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-406333 Fax: 302-406333

Nageo Car Rentals,
Trade Fair La Email:
Phone: +233-302-763750 244-272962 Fax: 302-787009/ 63750

Narh Star Car Rental,
Osu Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-771408 20-8137175/ 20-8117193/ 246-186223

New Transport Car Hire Agency,
Aflao Email:
Phone: +233-244-860864

Newbridge Hospitality Car Rental,
Airport City (within Cosmos Energy) Email:
Phone: +233-244-313108

No. 8 Car Hiring Association,
Tudu Station Email:
Phone: +233-302-668186

NZO Car Rental International,
Spintex Road Email:
Phone: +233-302-815512 Fax: 302-815513

Odor Car Hiring Association,
Circle- Neoplan Station Email:
Phone: +233-21242978/ 256977

Padonste Car Rentals,
Cocoville Road, Elubo Email:
Phone: +233-246-911692/ 249-553351

Padonste Car Rentals,
Kokomlemle Email:
Phone: +233-249-020352

Partfran Car Rentals,
Ring Road Central Email:
Phone: +233-302-243122 Fax: 302-243123

Pathfinders Car Rentals,
Heritage Tower Email:
Phone: +233-302-665544 Fax: 302-665544

Poki House Car Rentals,
Airport Res. Area Email:
Phone: +233-302-778979/ 7012177

Prestige Global Car Rentals,
North Dzorwulu Email:
Phone: +233-302-514054 Fax: 302-514054

Regal Sarpgina Car Rentals,
Dansoman Email:
Phone: +233-249-461030

Regency Car Rentals,
Osu Email:
Phone: +233-302-768413 Fax: 302-768413

Safe Logistics and Transport Services,
Near main Tarkwa Station Email:
Phone: +233-362-21212

Saint Michael Car Rental,
Airport , Kumasi Email: S[email protected].uk
Phone: +233-51-28069 246-846846

Sniiqs Car Rentals,
South Labadi Est. Email:
Phone: +233-302-77139 Fax:302-783656

Sputnik Car Rentals,
Gulf House Email:
Phone: 302-507673 Fax:302-505377

Tema- Motorway Car Hire Assoc.,
Motorway Roundabout Email:
Phone: +233-22-210334

Tema-Accra Car Hiring Assoc.,
Tema Comm. 1 Email:
Phone: +233-22-207272 244-265684

Up Africa Car Rentals,
Labadi Opp. Advent Press Email:
Phone: +233-246-668767

Vanef Ltd.,
37 Dzorwulu High Way Email: N/A
Phone: +233-302-22374 Fax:222489

Vicma Car Rental,
Adabraka Science. Museum Email: [email protected]
Phone: +233-302-232294/ 244-322900 Fax: 302-234843

Wera Services Ltd.,
East Tanokrom Road Email:
Phone: +233-244-524040 Fax:31-32235

Western Car Rental Association,
New Ashanti Road Email:
Phone: +233-31-26316

Wilmod Car Rentals,
East Legon Email:
Phone: +233-244-727502

Worldlink Car Rentals,
Osu Email:
Phone: +233-244-646758 28-5075518

Yaa Car Rentals,
Dansoman (Control) Email:
Phone: +233-302-306690 244-324535 Fax: 302-240743

Yoks Car Rentals,
Osu (near Dons Place) Email: Y[email protected]
Phone: +233-302-764135 Fax: 763527

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