Airtel Ghana General ShortCodes




Balance Enquiry


Airtel Money Top Up Bonus


Call Credit Bonus


Verifying Phone Number


Balance Enquiry On Postpaid Contract (Other Phones)


Balance Enquiry On Postpaid Contract (Nokia Phones)


Call Me Back



*108# or send Job to code 108



Notify Me


Friends & Family (Add Numbers)


Friends & Family (Remove/Delete Number (S))


Friends & Family (View List Of Numbers)

2u [space] <phone number> [space] <amount> [space] <PIN>

Me2U Activation

2u 026123456710 1234 (where PIN is 1234)

Send a text message in the following format to 432:

  1. 2u [space] <phone number> [space] <amount> [space] <pin> eg. To transfer Ghc 10 worth of airtime to subscriber 0261234567, the text sent will read –
    2u 02613456710 1234
    (where PIN is 1234)
  2. You will receive an SMS confirmation from 432
  3. The person receiving the transfer will also receive an SMS confirmation from 432.


Airtel Credit Transfer

PIN[space] <old PIN> [space] <new PIN>

Me2U (Change Pin)

e.g. PIN 1234 4321(where OLD PIN is 1234 and NEW PIN 4321)

*701*phone number# e.g. *701*0261234567#

Call Me Back


Airtel Balance Enquiry


Airtel Dedicated Balance Enquiry

*134*xxxx xxxx xxxx#

Airtel Recharge Process

138*Recharge PIN send e.g. 138*xxxxxxxxxxxxx send

Airtel One Network Recharge Process

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