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This simple simulator is a good way to introduce you to the art of counting beads on a Chinese Abacus.

Lesson 1: Reset to zero by pushing the heaven beads (top) upwards and earth beads (bottom) downwards. On the simulator, just click on the bead!

Lesson 2: On the extreme right column, move the earth beads - start with 1, then 2 and so on till 5. Then move the heaven beads down 1, which is 5 and then move the earth beads back to zero position - it again showed 5. This last procedure is known as carry-over and reset.

Lesson 3: Heaven beads down 1, and earth beads up 1, represents 6. Continue moving the earth bead up 7, 8, 9, 10 (a). Carry forward to by moving the 2 heaven beads down and reset the earth bead to zero. Now move 2nd column from the right, the earth bead up 1, this represents 10 and reset the 2 heaven bead on the extreme right to zero.

Proper finger technique is paramount in achieving proficiency on the abacus. With a Chinese abacus, the thumb and the index finger together with the middle finger are used to manipulate the beads. Beads in lower deck are moved up with the thumb and down with the index finger. In certain calculations, the middle finger is used to move beads in the upper deck.

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