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The people of *Agordome-Sonukpo* in the South Tognu  District,  Sogakope - Volta region have been living in a chaos situation for centuries.

Agordome-Sonukpo is village specialized in matte weaving, farming and fishing.

The drainage system in this community is very poor. The roads in this community always gets flooded every year for couple of months leaving the people stranded especially the aged and students in this community.

This has affected academic performance of students living in this community. Children who are to become future leaders in these noble villages ends up pushing trucks, wheel barrows and beggars in the market place due to the poor nature of the road which affects academic achievement.

Students from this area must  remove their shoes and shorts to enable them cross the flooded river to go to school exposing them to danger.

Kids  no more go to school because of the fear of being carried away by the flood.

This road in question connects about three Villages known as Agordome, Sonukpo and Agorve.
It becomes deadly when a pregnant woman is in labour but no means of transport available to help take her to the hospital for safe delivery due to the nature of the road in this community. 

Furthermore, this is the only road women in the above mentioned communities use during market days but the flooded river makes it impossible for aged women to go to the market to enable them earn a living from their handiwork.

This community has been experiencing this for centuries but no attempts was made by our MP to help the poor people of this community.

People of this community are pleading with Citi News,  the general public, other stake holders, the government and the president to come to their aid because they also partakes in every election in this country.

Thank you

For further info and deep clarification, please Call Mr  PROSPER A.  OCANSEY (concern citizen)

0248 813 751
0248 299 499

Email: [email protected]

Published by GWS Online GH : 2019-11-26

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