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The secret life of some SHS female students


About a decade or so ago, a famous basic school in Accra was in the news when the proprietor of the school boldly defended himself in a sex scandal that a pupil of his was his girlfriend and he intended getting married to her. I don't know how many children they might be having now if that marriage intention materialized. That was the last time I heard about it. Hello Gender Ministry, I greet you.

I was a national service tutor in one of the best senior high schools in Ghana. Massa, the girls dey bii waaa those days! There was a science tutor in my school called 'Juicy Man'. His nickname was derived from the inscription on the back of his car: 'A Juicy Man'. Dude was so good in Mathematics plus Faeces, sorry Physics. Ooooohhh ahhhh! Don't disturb me, my friend. If I make mistake small, can't you also skip reading that part? Anyway, never mind, after all, don't they both sound the same?

Juicy Man was a very strict man. He supervised my work as a Maths Teacher. Me? Teach Maths? Hmmm! But he loved 'the flesh'! Juicy Man? I sw* but he would not do it for you to know. Sarah, an SSS 1 student became my friend because our surnames bore some semblance. She once confided in me and told me about how Juicy Man invited her to his bungalow and started 'advising' her. She said she could not resist it because when she entered the school, her father introduced her to Juicy Man as a strict disciplinarian who hated immorality and nonsense and so he would be her father in school and take care of her everything. Her father instructed her to confide in only Juicy Man and tell him all her problems while in school. She respected the man the same way she did her father. She believed in the advice and guidance provided by Juicy Man (JM). Abeg, JM simply means Juicy Man, don't bring me problem!

According to Sarah, she also had a school mother who secretly arranged a relationship between her and a butcher in a nearby town. Her school mother, Adwoa was also a great influence on her life. Though against her wish, Adwoa taught her how to apply for an exeat and go spend Friday nights secretly with her rich butcher and return Saturday night! She respected her school mother to the extent that she could not say no to this arrangement. After a while, she missed her period and it was the same school mother who arranged for her to meet 'Aborshin Leader' who was then a final year Visual Arts student. Aborshin Leader had the antidote to her predicament to have that 'thing' cleared! Mr Butcher paid for everything!  Sarah survived the secret procedure and advised herself with a resolution not to be involved in those things anymore.

It was then she considered discussing her terrible experience with Juicy Man for further counseling the following term. She went to his bungalow to complain to her father's assign, Juicy Man. While she was weeping during the narration of her ordeal to Juicy Man; she didn't immediately recognise the fact that 'you do not run to the lion when the hyena is pursuing you! Juicy Man held her tightly in his arms close to his chest giving her 'a fatherly warmth and assurance' and rubbing his hands at her back going further down. She was still unsuspicious because of the father figure in Juicy Man. Sarah's eyes started opening in bewilderment but she could not flee! Juicy Man even threatened to get the so called school mother punished for her bad influence on 'his daughter' Sarah. In the course of the warmth provided, Juicy Man's heart begun to pump, very fast.

Evil thoughts had come to mind. Sarah was a very pretty girl but was only 15 but looked like a 20 year old. Voluptuous at the right places. Her back was like a boil about to burst with pus. Her 'frontal headlights' glittered and visibly appeared to be bouncing when walking! Should Sarah walk through the aisle to take her seat in the chapel, the Pope could start fumbling! The beads around her waist were often visibly drawn in her school uniform as her 'adequate' body pushed against the fabric thus exposing the dotted linings! This was unintentional but nature kept exposing Sarah's beauty and it was no fault of hers! As to be expected, male students made natural advances but Juicy Man always put his stern looks on and this scared the boys away. What happened in Juicy Man's bungalow remained there and I was not there even though Sarah told me everything.

So when Sarah confided in me the fact she also had a boyfriend in SSS3 who gives her comfort and sex, I screamed: Eiish! 'But Sarah, you look so innocent, quiet and unassuming; why sex at this age?'. Well, her answer was the care she got from her boyfriend, Benga and the fact that Benga was the guy with the right swag. Benga was the S.U President, oh yes, S.U president who actually 'broke her' in the second term!

Indeed I have heard stories of some of the girls 'bringing themselves' out of possible adventure or poverty and there is still no moral justification for taking undue advantage of one's own students some of whom may be as young as one's own children. Eish, I heard some female tutors also do this to some of their male students. How I wish I were a 'victim' of this one - I wouldn't mind! Hahaaaaaaaa! A little control over the distin of men will help a great deal!

The last time I saw Sarah, she got divorced after having been married for 8 years and no child! She looked haggard! She ended her education at SSS though with very good grades. Why? She started indulging in multiple sexual activities with different men. She belonged to different wassap groups one of which was for them to connect each other to men. Akosua sees a man who gives his specs of the kind of girl he wants to have fun with and a call is placed to Sarah and she meets the man and they have sex the first time they meet! Sarah also connects Akosua the next time thus breaking down the morality ring and spreading diseases and more unwanted babies. If you are not close to many girls, you would have no idea what is happening nowadays where a clique is formed only to connect themselves to men they sleep with for a token. Where did all this start from?

Your answer to this question is best given when we admit the fact that it is an age old phenomenon being facilitated by technology in contemporary times! Juicy Man is not the only one in this web. If the investigation of Juicy Man is replicated in all schools in GH, most schools, if not all would probably close down for the shortage of, especially male tutors! Some continue with this boss servant 'training' in the tertiary institutions and most 'voluntary and involuntary' victims cannot talk for fear of victimization. When some of them become workers later in life, they easily give themselves out to their bosses because that is what they were taught earlier in their formative years on non scoring basis!

Bad girls are made by men. If in doubt, haven't you ever seen a headmaster carrying a stool before? Please don't think about it!

It is so unfortunate and for those of us who have only girl children, we are beginning to fear for their future because they will, by all means, go to school. What surprises me is the fact we seem to be surprised about Juicy Man as if this is the first time a thing of the sort is happening. I am yet to think of any senior high school as an exception, maybe the magnitude will make the difference. Perhaps the expose and disciplinary actions would help minimise the age old phenomenon but to completely eliminate it? Abeg!

Source: Mawuli Zogbenu, [email protected]

Published by GWS Online GH : 2018-04-07

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